Friday, December 19, 2008


Today was our 16th anniversary. I cannot believe that that much time has gone by!

Tomorrow is the Annual Meeting at Mike's work. One of the door prizes is a riding lawn mower, and Mike keeps teasing that we will win that because we were just given two this year. :)


Beth said...


Anonymous said...

As you have two, and our anniversary is up and coming, that would make a very nice present :-)
I did know it was your day( one week before ours) and tried to come up with something last weekend but we were just to full of things to do.
I have not found anything left yet but I havenot really cleaned well yet.

All in a Day said...

Thank you!

Well, we don't have the second one up here yet, but it's officially ours. I suppose you could intercept it as it rolls through your city. :)