Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canned Vegetables

Well, I have been trying to cut back on my grocery shopping for the month and have done well so far. However, canned vegetables have gone on sale this week for 33 cents with a limit of 12. I'm sending Mike twice after work and will go myself twice when I'm in town. They're not nearly as good as home-grown vegetables, but mine are gone plus all the carrots I was given (I think I have about 2 dehydrated cups in the freezer left) have been eaten. Thanks, Camille, they were delicious! Tracy found she especially liked them when I put some brown sugar on them. :) Butter is also on sale for $1.89, limit 2, so I'll grab some of those too, to throw into the freezer.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some school work done with the kids and then get a tiny bit of cleaning done (putting things into places.) Things have a tendency to walk around in our house.

If you think of it, please pray for my friend who's pregnant with twins. Her feet have really swollen a lot the past couple days. Thanks!


The Krahns said...

Hey, does the snowblower work? Let us know when M.H. has the twins okay!!

All in a Day said...

Yes, I'll do that. I'll have to start a list. :) She's so big and cute. I saw her tonight.

And, yes, I was just about ready to call you yesterday because Mike couldn't get it started, but he finally did get it. I guess he had flooded it.