Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trying Again

I started a post earlier, and Laura shut the computer off on me! :) Every single one of the kids has gone through the stage where it's fun to push that little button. Gotta love 'em...

Anyway, I had written that Laura had gotten into some BBQ sauce from McDonald's and has a rash on her face now. That happened the last two times she had some too; it makes me wonder what's in it.

I cleaned the living and dining rooms tonight so we're able to walk through; there's still a lot of stuff around the edges but it's better. Laura was serenading me on the guitar while I was cleaning, but when I got the camera out to share on here, she quit and went to do something else.

It was a good day overall though I don't seem to have gotten much done. I made a batch of blueberry muffins only cooked it like a cake in a 9x13 pan. I was going to let the kids have some for a 2:00 snack and then bring the rest to our soccer meeting tomorrow, but they demolished the whole pan. It's a good thing I had already set a few pieces aside for Mike.

I'm out of peanut butter once again. I haven't been able to find it lower than $1.50 for an 18 ounce jar lately so will have to use that as my "good deal," I guess. We can easily use one a day using it for breakfast and either lunch or a snack.


The Krahns said...

My kids run too when I get the camera out. Wonder why!!

All in a Day said...

I always used to, but we lost a lot of our pictures from when I was little so I try to behave myself and smile now. :)