Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party yesterday for some friends, and four of our children went swimming with them and spent the night.

Today we had a pizza for lunch and roast with potatoes and carrots for supper. I was going to make soup with the leftover potatoes and carrots, but Someone ate all the carrots as the day progressed. :) Oh well, they were good for her, and I have a few others I can use.

Mike's home for his five-day weekend so doesn't have to go to work until Wednesday morning. He's been working on a computer for another friend.


Carrie said...

YUMMY! I haven't had roast forever! With no husband at home, I don't cook as much. It would all go bad, as my kids won't eat most of the things I make!

Ang said...

soup sounds good will you make some and send it down here? thanks! lol. I hope that all is going well with you all.

All in a Day said...

Carrie, roast with potatoes and carrots is my favorite Sunday dinner. I remember not making much when my kids were little. :)

Angie, it was good to hear from you. Thanks for commenting. It's too bad my soups never taste the same or I'd make some and send it. :)