Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dentist Appointments Follow-Up

Well, good news for Aaron and Melissa. No cavities and beautiful smiles...

Jason has one cavity and Emily has two (though no new ones.)

Jason has been referred for orthodontics so that will be coming next month.

Tracy and I have appointments next week so hopefully we do as well.

I still have to convince Mike to go in. One of his fillings fell out.


Anonymous said...

Tell Mr. Mike that loose and then fallen out filling can have decay under them. Experience leading to a root canal. When did Jason get his first tooth? If he is like his mom let the dentist know so he does not have the things on for 5 years like his uncle.

All in a Day said...

Well, I've asked a couple times what he wants to do. One more will be coming. I'm sure he read your comment though. I think Jason was a bit older when he got his first tooth; I'll have to check his book. I don't remember those things like I used to when I only had two children. I'm getting too old!!! :) Okay, I just checked; he was nine months to the day.