Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, if I did nothing else correct with my garden, I did do the compost well. This is the compost after only four months with Melissa adding some grass today.

I planted around 30 carrots and got these. Quite puny, but they should taste good.

Of the 16 onions I planted, 15 grew. There's one nice-sized one in the bunch.

Last night I picked the last of the green beans and cooked them along with the few kernels of corn I pulled off of the corn on the cob. The corn didn't do well at all but those few kernels tasted good as a bedtime snack. :)

I pulled up the stakes and rolled my fence and put those things into the shed. Now I'll see what else I can do around the yard. I hesitate to do things too early because the kids just pull them back out to play with them. I did sort-of clean out the shed a few weeks ago so we can get the snow blower in and out and get to Mike's Christmas tree when the time comes.

Oh, I did leave these two plants of lettuce in. Maybe I'll use them on a sandwich tonight or tomorrow. I had planted eight seeds much later than the rest to see what would happen. Not a lot. hee hee hee

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