Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tired Out!

We had a fun but tiring couple of days over here. I had 10 children in my house for 20 hours and am still alive to prove that children are blessings. We had a "party" and the majority of us stayed up until 3:00 A.M. A couple of mine were still sleeping when I made a quick trip to the grocery store at 11:00.

Tonight the four girls and I went to town where they ran track. Emily ran the 800 meter, and Tracy, Emily, and Melissa all ran the 400, 200, and 100 meter, plus Emily and Melissa each ran an extra 200 meters in a "relay" of some sort. After that our friends brought cheese and pudding they picked up for us at Sam's Club (Thanks!) and we went to the pool. Laura got very excited when we were walking up to the building. She just loves the water, and we've been dropping her off the diving board. A couple was sitting on a bench getting a kick out of that. We gobbled up the special treat our friends gave us (Yummy!) and then got gas before heading home.

Now everyone's in bed but Laura who just got up from a nap so will probably be going for a while. That's alright because I have to pack because we're going to a "large family" camp tomorrow after meeting my parents for a picnic lunch and dumping the dog on them.

I'm getting too much help here so will sign off until Monday or whenever I get a chance to post again. Oh, the peas have poked their heads through the soil.


Abbi said...

It sounds like you had a right to be tired out!

All in a Day said...

I survived. :) That was probably the busiest day last week; we're normally quite lazy around here.