Saturday, June 21, 2008


I need some tips on cooking brown rice. Every time I make it, it's chewy and people won't eat it. I know it needs 35-45 minutes to cook, but is there some sure-fire way I can get it so it will get eaten? I'm in the process of mixing brown and white rice together for hotdishes and such to get the family used to eating it. (confessions publicly on my blog since my husband has been doing such a good job of eating lately) :)


Abbi said...

Brown rice is naturally a little more chewy than white (I like it better for a lot of things for that reason). You might try adding a little more water and then cooking it on a pretty low heat after bringing it to a boil.
I am not sure how well mixing the two togther will work for cooking as they do take different times. I hope it all works for you. I think it is partly just getting used to it.

All in a Day said...

Ok, we'll just have to get used to it then. :) Thanks for the help. I think I'll try the little more water bit and cook it longer. I cook the brown/white rice in two separate pans then combine them in whatever I'm making after they're ready.