Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here's the first batch of pictures I took of the garden last week. I'm going small and steady this year and hopefully will be able to branch off more next year as I learn how to use what I plant. Last year the little girls (and even Jason if I remember correctly) did like eating the peas fresh off the vines so that's a start.

In this square (I don't do a perfect square-foot garden by the book but was just trying to see how it works) I have 16 corn plants in a 4x4 area. Around each edge of the 16 small squares is lettuce and radishes. I dug a radish the other day and boy, was it peppery! They were called "Sparkler" radishes; I'll try a different variety if I plant them again next year. It was fun to plant those though; they came up quickly.

This 4x4 square has peas and beans. I improvised a climbing area for the peas, much to Aaron's chagrin because I used something he thought was good yet. Hopefully it won't weather too much and he'll still be able to use it. There are 8 pea plants in each of the 8 squares and 9 beans in each of the 8 squares. The idea with the beans is so you don't have to do any weeding because the leaves cover the ground once they bush out.

This 4x4 section has 8 pepper plants, 3 tomato plants (the 4th bit the dust--or the dust bit it! so I put 9 more beans there,) 16 onions, and three more corn plants with about 30 carrot seeds around them that my aunt sent up. I looked at all the stores up here and couldn't find any carrots!!!

Even though I built the ground up, the soil is still saturated. :) I'll try to post more pictures as they become available. The fence is doing a wonderful job of keeping things out.


Who? Oldest of six said...

The fence doesn't keep out my stray throws. :P

Anonymous said...

At least your fence keeps things out. We had a "bobcat ? " or something (I saw it) come over the garden fence and into the duck pen. It dug a hole and got two before my attack. It dropped the carcuss on the way out. I am awake now as it was just out there again. The dog shooed it away this time. How can one sleep? I'm not a mom anymore????
You can plant more radishes now as a person can keep them most the summer by 2 week plantings. We do that with the beans up to July.

All in a Day said...

I'll have to start charging a quarter for each stray throw; I wouldn't get very rich though.

Whew...I don't think I'll be using any more of those radish seeds. They're so peppery!

I planted some more bean plants in a flower planter.

Let's see...to sleep at night, you have to work all day. But...when one's schedule is messed up because of this or that, it's mighty hard to sleep AND stay up. Ha! :)