Sunday, June 1, 2008

State Park Open House

We went to Hayes Lake State Park today and spent time at the beach, in the canoe, and Tracy made a quick trip to the dam with a few of the kids.

Here's a video of Laura giggling when Tracy was dipping her into the water.

Here are some pictures though I'm not sure where they'll show up in the post. Aussie-dog's first canoe ride in a lake... He was lapping water over the edge of the boat. He rode well. It was tempting to tip the canoe, but I didn't have extra clothes to change into and the lake was cold. :)

On the way home, we went through the state forest, and Mike and the kids were singing lots of songs. It was a fun day.


Keren said...

That looks very fun. I really like the picture of you guys in the canoe. :) I don't think buster would stay in a canoe for us.

Abbi said...

That looks fun. Was the water truly warm?!? I would guess that are family would have all had blue lips if we tried going swimming this early. I think your family is hardier!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds like so much fun! I had thought it sounded like it would be fun to go to a park near us, but it didn't work out. Was the water really warm enough? It makes me cold looking at that water and thinking June 1st. Anna

All in a Day said...

I didn't actually touch the water, but children coming out of it were cold to the touch. They didn't stay in as long as they have in previous years. We've done this the first
Sunday in June for years, and the kids have ALWAYS gone in.