Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Garden is In!

We got the rest of the fencing yesterday and planted the garden today (minus carrots because I can't find a packet of them--Mike will check another store after work tomorrow) . The rain has been gently watering it all evening. I'm just doing a small area and have adapted some of the techniques I read about in "Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholomew. Last year I tried planting two or three seeds in each hole which worked, but this year when I found that book I thought I would try it this way just to see. Melissa and Emily enjoyed planting the beans and peas and peppers and tomatoes, but Laura did not appreciate being shut out. She kept walking around and around trying to find the way in. Melissa helped with the onions, lettuce, corn, and radishes also.

Tomorrow we'll be babysitting a seven- or eight-year old girl. Tracy babysat her earlier in the year, and I guess she begged to be able to come over here when she found out her regular babysitter told them she wasn't available tomorrow.


Abbi said...

That is cool that you got your garden in. I would be interested in seeing pictures of a square foot garden when it is up. I have been slowly working on ours (I was out there until 9:30 tonight) but I have a ways to go still. We got a lot of rain today for it.

All in a Day said...

I'll see what I can do; it's my first year trying it so we can "see" together. :) I don't plant much because people in this house don't eat stuff like that, but I have been sneaking healthier foods into them gradually.