Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tax Time is Here

We got our federal taxes e-filed yesterday and got our MN taxes sent today.

Two questions for anyone who would know:
We didn't need our charitable giving amount to bring down our taxable amount this year; is it to our benefit to write it in there anyway? Same thing with the school money; should I have put the amount we could have used for a subtraction on there?

I even brought some money in from the mail box today. It was from the dental work Melissa had done. The rest should be on Mike's paycheck next week. We have to pay out-of-pocket for her because that dentist isn't part of our dental plan.

All the taco meat I sent with Mike was gone even though it was 1 1/2# more than they said to send. Today I made him some bars. He'll be picking up milk after work tonight, and when he gets home it'll be "tomorrow" and another new month.

The kids are already wondering what's for supper so I suppose I should get busy and find something. Aaron's been eating me out of house and home lately. I predicted around his birthday that he'd be taller than me by the end of this year, and I think that will come true. His foot has grown four sizes in the past 14 months, and he's already passed up Tracy's height from last March. I'll be next.


MoneyCommonSense said...

Hi, I would like to help you with your question but have some questions myself: are you itemizing this year? do you have a receipt or proof of charitable donations in excess on $250. By school money do you mean tuition paid? and did you get a 1099-T form? I'll check back to see if you've had a chance to answer.
Thank you,

All in a Day said...

No, we take the standardized deduction. It's kind of a silly question because we don't have any tax (don't make much money and have a lot of kids.) I was just wondering if it's to our benefit to have it on there to be consistent with past years.
Yes, I have proof of all the charitable donations.
School money is the money we spent on textbooks/music lessons for the kids in grades K-12.
No, we didn't get a 1099-T form.
I sure hope this didn't just waste your time!
Thanks! Shelly

MoneyCommonSense said...

Hi Shelly, not not wasting my time at all.
Ok, so how have you reported your charitable donations in other years. Because you can only reporth them if you are itemizing and since this year you are not then you don't have to worry anout them. So when you say to be consistent with other years I am just wondering if you itemized any of those years and if you didn't then where were they included. But ultimately if you are not itemizing then you can't include them.
As far as what I am assuming are homeschooling expenses. Let me look into that. Have you included that amount somewhere before? if so where? I have actually never read about those expenses before but I wonder if they could be deductible the same way some teachers get to deduct some of the expenses they incur. Can you tell me if yu have deducted those amounts before and if so where? Let me look into this.

All in a Day said...

I think I really botched this up. I'm talking about our state taxes, not federal. Sorry! It's lines 7 and 8 of our M1.

MoneyCommonSense said...

Hi Shelly,
I see. I thought we were talking about two different returns, me fed and you state. Unfortunately I can't help you woth the state return. I have never looked at the form for the state of MN. I am sorry :-(

All in a Day said...

Thanks for your time! As I said, we don't have any tax this year, I was just wondering if we should put it there to be consistent. Oh well. :)