Friday, January 18, 2008

A Crab Baby

Yesterday as Mike and I were sitting in our chairs, Laura went booking across the room sideways, like a crab. You have to understand that she doesn't crawl like a "normal" baby. She uses two arms and one leg, but lately she has been using only one arm and one leg because she's been carrying things around the house. Anyway, Mike and I had a good laugh over that; it was fun to laugh. One of these days she's going to decide to walk, I think.


Minkydo said...

Now that is a sight that needs a picture :)

All in a Day said...

What it really needs is a video. Our camera is capable of taking videos, and we can view them on the computer. However, I have no idea how to get them from one place to another. I've never been able to DO anything with them.

Carrie said...

You should have an add video button on your "new post" page. And then you browse like you do with a picture. In case you haven't tried! :)

Thanks for your Christmas letter and pic. Your kids are, of course, getting big! Especially Tracy- it's hard to believe she is the baby I used to watch!