Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here are the Cookies

Here are the pictures of the cookie tray I promised. I noticed that most of what was left was the crispy rice things and sugar cookies. Oh well. I made a pan of fudge that Tracy and Aaron have been enjoying today but forgot to send with Mike.
We're having pizzas for supper. They were supposed to be homemade, but the dough didn't turn out. I added some water and am running it through the bread machine again. It looks better now. We'll have to make "dessert" pizza.
I've been working on my scrapbooking today.


Beth said...

oh yum... I think we are going to have to come over and eat all you goodies up!! Wink

All in a Day said...

You're too late!!! I'd love to have you over; it would be a challenge to fit everyone in this house though. :)