Friday, January 11, 2008

Jason Came Home

My son visited Grandma all week. As soon as he transfered from Grandma's car to ours, he started talking about Chuck E. Cheese. Grandma took him and his cousin there while they were visiting. He did mention other things that happened, but that was definitely the highlight.
Not much has been happening here today. I did all the dishes and then found one more after everything was done. :) I got some chicken off the bones for a salad or something and got the roast ready for a stew. I'll have to peel and cook a couple carrots before I make that; the carrots are what the kids enjoy most in a pot roast meal so they eat the whole two pounds I put in.
Only two of the kids are asleep and the daddy is too. I suppose we all should head to bed. Good night and have a great weekend!


martha said...

isn't that how it always is, I get the last dish done and I think the kitchen is all clean. but no there is always one more dish.

Bob said...

Hey there! We saw him in Bemidji. The Trotts are everywhere.

All in a Day said...

Martha, I think dishes are like laundry. :) No matter how often you do them and think you're done, you're right, there's always one more.

Bob, he said he saw you. Did you come up specifically for the pizza party? Is it this month you're preaching in Brainerd?