Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Tonight we went to AWANA. As we drove into town, we washed the van (which we had just washed Sunday on our way home) because it got terribly salty driving the icy roads yesterday morning. We dropped Melissa off at Cubbies where the three and four year olds and some five year olds who haven't started kindergarten go. She said her verse very well because she has a star in her book, I noticed. Tracy took Aaron with her because they were having popcorn and it was a good bribe. Emily's learning more and more verses and can out-say me now, I'm sure. I'll have to work on that...
I didn't get the picture card loaded onto the computer before Mike shut his off so I'll have to try to do that tomorrow. I took a picture of the tray of cookies when it came home too because there were several left; usually the tray gets wiped out. (Normally there's more chocolate stuff though.)
Thanks for visiting, and have a great evening!


Polly Blanshan said...

Your kids have always been very good at memorizing. I'm sure that any of them could out-memorize me!

All in a Day said...

I could say they take after me, but that would be a lie. :)