Sunday, January 13, 2008


Baby kept me up all night so I grabbed my credit card statements (we pay it off each month.) Mind you, this is just on the credit card. I also use the checkbook, debit card, and once in a while cash.

Gas stations for 2007--$3,667.86

Out to eat for 2007 (This WILL come down!)--$1,043.48
Mike wants me to compare it to 2006 because he thinks it's less.
My problem is that I LOVE going out to eat because I don't have to listen to kids complaining. Anyway...

Grocery stores for 2007--$2,742.71

I'm scared to look through the checking statements, but I may need to do that. It'll boost my grocery numbers up by a LOT.


Abbi said...

Sorry about the late night! That isn't fun. Looking at money figures is not all that fun either but I find it challenging to see how much better you can do.
You do have a growing family to feed. I am guessing your boys eat quite a lot now. Jonathan has really been taking off with the eating at our house, I am curious to see how much food we will go through when the boys are teenagers!

All in a Day said...

Thanks, Abbi, for the encouragement. I am working on ways to lower our food bill. Right now we're working on eating a lot of stuff out of the freezer so I haven't done much shopping. My figures look good so far this month. :)