Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Missed Day

Last night I actually went to bed instead of blogging. :) It's a good thing I did because Laura was up again. She didn't sleep well at all, and at 3:30 I just gave up and got up with her. I drove to Fargo, ND today for a dentist appointment for Melissa. She got 3 of 12 crowns. Poor girl--it's amazing how different genes are different because she eats the same food the other kids do and their teeth aren't that bad. Mike's sister and her daughter had the same procedure done so even though my teeth are bad I can "blame" this on Mike's side of the family. Ha! :)

I started going through the credit card statements from eating out last year (2006) and got over my total for 2007 before I hit a wrong button and lost my number about half way through the year. Not good, but we're getting better.

I suppose I should get busy and get kids to bed. Aaron's already asleep; I guess he spent most of the day in bed. He has a slight fever and complained of a head ache.


Christy said...

Hi! I just figured out who you are! I had seen you name on Abbi's blog comments. Anyway, it'll be fun to read your blog too! By the way, what is your home address? I'm embarassed to tell you why I need it! (Actually I have a thank you note that I've been wanting to send forever. I tried to get your address from someone but it never happened) Anyway, now I can ask you!

Christy Davidson

All in a Day said...

Here's my e-mail; please e-mail me and I'll write out my address. Thanks!

All in a Day said...


Abbi said...

I bet I was the one that Christy tried to get the address from - if so sorry.
That is to bad about Melissa's teeth. It does seem that genetics play a big role. Mara has had way more problems than the boys and she doesn't drink any pop and is more careful. Ken and I have neither had many cavities but She has grandparents that had a lot.