Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today went fairly well. The living room is trashed again though--too much stuff. The little girls (well, everyone really,) tend to migrate to the cleanest room in the house to play in. :)

We got school work done with everyone except Jason's and Emily's language. That will only take an extra five minutes tomorrow. It's just working with commas so should be easy.

Tomorrow evening I'm hoping to get to town a bit early (unless the baby comes) to do some errands before Awana. If timing and weather are right, I want to bring Laura to the park to swing for a while.


martha said...

My kids like to play in the cleanest room too. Sometimes it is rather frustrating.
Hoping you continue to feel well.

All in a Day said...

Tracy and I always joke about how long it will take for the kids to find the area we have just finished cleaning. Sometimes it's 2 seconds, and other times it actually stays clean for an hour or more. :)

I'm still feeling great!