Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, I'm still here...and still hanging in there.

If this baby goes like the last two, I should be having a baby within the next week due to measurements etc.

We had an appointment yesterday, and everything is going very well except all the anxious waiting on people's parts--not just mine and Mike's and grandparents' but friends also. There have been days I've threatened to take the phone off the hook and throw the computers out the windows but have restrained myself. ha ha ha

Laura got to hold a kitty yesterday, and you should have seen the big smile on her face! I wished I had had my camera. It was definitely priceless; it's too bad the dog would bark a cat to death. I could certainly use some cats for mice patrol around here. The dog tries but just doesn't cut it.

On a down note, another dryer just bit the dust this morning. I'm hoping it's a simple fix like a belt or something, but I really did not need this added to my life right now. My next option is to string clothes line across the house. LOL--I tried grass-drying the clothes this summer, but that did not work well so we will have to come up with something.

Have a good Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Grandma M is being good and not bugging as she does the same thing.

All in a Day said...

Yes, it's basically only been two people but has been quiet lately. :) Hopefully a call will come soon!