Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Prenatal

The midwife was here tonight and things are going really well. We have determined that November 14 was the correct due date going by later measurements and calculations so I'm really only 42 weeks, not 46. My blood pressure has been just fine, my energy level is good, and pulse and respirations are within normal. For anyone who cares, tonight the baby's heartbeat was 148, head's down, I'm effaced 80%, baby's at station -1 to 0, and I'm dilated to 4. Maybe we'll post a picture of a new baby this week. :)


homeschoolmom said...

phew. that's a relief! i was beginning to think that baby was a month overdue!!! glad to hear you are both doing well.

All in a Day said...

Well, he did end up being close. We figure I was 43 weeks after getting him out and checking him and the placenta. :) It was time!