Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Busy Day Today

Today I did a quick carpet clean in the living room and the girls' room. I just used water and baking soda, but it appears to have taken out the top layer of dirt. The gallons of water I dumped out outside proved so. YUCK!

I also did some rearranging of bookshelves with Tracy's help. We are going to see if we can put Laura's toys on the empty bookshelf so she has better access to them. She got some farm stuff and some "Little People" stuff for her birthday this year that have been at the bottom of her box. She can't really reach into it.

Here are two of the three bookshelves that we mostly filled while emptying the fourth for Laura (the third is behind a table I already moved back.)

I also did the normal dishes and laundry though Tracy did a couple loads of laundry too.

I'm not sure if Mike plans to take Aaron hunting in the morning or not. I plan to run to town to go to the bank and drop off some library books the kids decided not to read but to scatter instead.

Saturday morning we have a prenatal appointment, if the other baby expected doesn't make an appearance. (Well, or if ours decides to come.) :)

The computer was played A LOT today so it's probably ready for a break. I did some church work on it also plus punched and filed a lot of church bills and such. I'll have to see what tomorrow brings...


The Krahns said...

I feel for you, Shelly! Going overdue was my lot as well :( Hard at the time but years later it doesn't seem to matter. I'm cheering you up aren't I?! Anyway, I'm always glad when you start posting again after taking a break. I'll be praying for you.

All in a Day said...

Thanks! We're still waiting. :) I've been feeling well so it hasn't been too bad with the waiting--the hardest is when the same people call over and over saying, "Haven't you had that baby yet?" :)