Friday, November 20, 2009


Today I took all the girls to town. We did some errands, went to the library, checked out books, and got some free dilly bar cards for the three little girls. Then we went to Dairy Queen and redeemed those plus got a shake for Mike on his 2:00 break. After that we went to the park. Even though the day was warm, the wind was a bit chilly. The girls came back to the van for their jackets and even asked for mittens (which I didn't have them pack since it was over 50 degrees when we left.)

Last night we had a prenatal appointment again. Everything is still going well, but my bottom blood pressure number was up to 82. Hopefully it was just the excitement of the day. I did a bunch of baking yesterday to try to cover up the smoke smell in the house. When I cleaned the oven, the whole house reeked. It did that during soccer season when I cleaned it also.


Beth said...

What!? Your suppose to clean your oven?? LOL
Sorry it got smoky... hope it is better now.

All in a Day said...

Ha ha ha...By the smell, you would have thought I NEVER have cleaned the thing! The smell still is in the house, but it's not nearly as noticeable, only when we don't have the aroma of fresh-baked cookies around. Ha! :)