Thursday, November 5, 2009


Our evening went well. We went to town early before Awana.
We went to the bank and the Care 'N Share and got Dumbo (dog) two "un-stuffables" and a sweater for Mike. This is a used clothing/miscellaneous place. An "un-stuffable is a stuffed animal. I call it "un" because the dog chews and chews them until he gets a hole in them and then proceeds to take all the stuffing out of them, thus being un-stuffed. :)
Then we whizzed through the Post Office and mailed a bill and went to the library.
The park was the next stop, and the kids enjoyed swinging by the lake then ran over to the slides across the street.
Peanut butter on bread and grape juice was for supper.
The two little girls and I went in to Alco to get diapers, wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, and dishsoap while the others stayed in the van and read library books, then I went into the grocery store alone and got oranges, carrots, and other stuff. It was SO busy in there. There were five lanes open, and I still had to wait in line!

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