Friday, August 7, 2009

Prenatal Appointment

We had an appointment yesterday. I only grew one centimeter from the previous month, and baby's heartbeat dropped to the high 140's. Other than being admonished to drink more water (which is ALL I do, it seems,) everything is looking fine--thinking more and more that October 18 is the correct due date.

After the appointment, we went out blueberry picking and should have four cleaned quarts from that. Another pail full and we should have enough for our family... Then we'll have to pick for the grandparents. We even have one request for someone who wants to buy a pail from us. I brought a cupcake liner container (filled with blueberries--lol) up to the chiropractor and want to give a few to another friend in town.

We had a stray dog here for a while. Our dog is just too wimpy and couldn't hold his own. The other dog would bark at him, and he would run! It followed me down the road yesterday when I ran to return some canning rings (long story) so I wasn't sad about that.

I bought three lugs of peaches and canned a couple of them. Aaron and I have been enjoying eating from the third lug. :) I had everything all ready to go for canning only to find out that I only have seven regular-sized rings. I know several I had were too rusty to use and got dumped a few years ago, but it hardly seems like I would ONLY save seven! Oh well, a friend came to my rescue and let me use some of hers. I didn't want to "waste" all that boiling water.

That's about it for new stuff. If it doesn't rain, the kids and I plan to go to town and mow today. Melissa wants to go on the bike trail also.

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