Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mowing #2

Well, we went out and mowed more at Jackpine this afternoon. Aaron ran the rider through a tank of gas, then he and Jason mowed with it a bit more but didn't use another tank. Tracy and I put the push mower through a tank of gas plus I worked on pulling some of the branches out of the weeds, ferns, and raspberries for the campfires. Tracy also got her first two bee stings. Poor girl. :( It was a nest in the ground so we'll have to figure out how to take care of that one for sure. I saw a few bees by the new outhouse but didn't want to venture close enough to see if there was a nest or not. There are SO MANY frogs/toads out there!!!!! Usually we have several, but this year the ground seems to be crawling (hopping) with them.

On the way home, I stopped at the little grocery store to get some burger, cheese, and a tomato since Mike will be home for four meals in a row. They have a basket of suckers for the kids so I grabbed it and brought it out to the van for them to choose. There was another lady in there who gave me the third degree for leaving it out there with them. It's not as if they would have taken more than one, but she doesn't know my kids! I just had to laugh at her and reassure her several times that they'd be "fine" with it. You know kids and choosing though..."I'm not taking that one if you're taking that kind. Oooh, look at all the types to choose from. Hmm...which one should I pick. I want this one; no, I want that one." LOL

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