Friday, August 7, 2009

Mowing #1

Today I did the classic "no-no" and took the seats out of the van. We piled the rider into the back and threw all but one of the kids back there also! We went to town and mowed at the church building then loaded it plus the mower we keep at the church building back in the back end.

Well, there were police ALL OVER in Warroad today. I'm not sure if something was going on or if I was just oversensitive to the fact that I would have had a HUGE fine for not having people in seatbelts/carseats. :) We headed towards Williams but I chickened out when a police man was on the side of the road flashing his lights at people who were going too fast (not me though.) :) When he turned around and started following me, I turned towards home instead of going on.

Tracy stayed home with the little four while Aaron and Aussie and I went out to the campgrounds. We each mowed a tank of gas in our respective mowers and headed towards home. Tomorrow I'll take all the kids out there so they can play/help mow since we left the mowers there (and I'll have enough seatbelts!!!!!) Aussie chased a squirrel for a while and then sat and rested, wanting in the van. He knew we had peaches and water in there!

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