Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mowing #3

Today the younger five and I went out to Jackpine to mow another tank of gas while Mike and Tracy went blueberry picking. I think we were all productive. The kids found a wasp's nest up in a tree we'll have to take care of. We'll also have to take care of the underground nest as it's close to the fire ring. Some gasoline and a match just after dark should work fairly well. Mike and Tracy got nine quarts of blueberries so we have a couple more gallons in the freezer but are out of buckets. I guess we'll have to scrape up some ice cream money and go shopping and eat, eat, eat! :)


Linda said...

just a thought, but if you come down and visit, I'll make sure you have as many as you need. ; )

All in a Day said...

Mmmmmmm...will they all be full of ice cream when we get there? Aaron said he could polish off some. :)