Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, I picked a harvest from my garden today. Needless to say, it wasn't much...a handful of beans, peas from two plants that I uprooted by mistake when weeding, a potato I thought was a weed (but isn't it the cutest little thing???) and two onions that decided to come up when I was weeding. They aren't any bigger than they were when I planted them, but the others in the garden are.

I took a picture of the "box" garden plus a couple of the cow manure garden. The cow manure garden is much more prolific than the box garden, even with weeds. :) I haven't been out to see my strawberries for a while, and I want to work on tilling a row to plant some raspberries this fall.

Tracy's been at orchestra camp all week, and I got to pick from the garden of the family she went with. I've canned three quarts of carrots, eaten a bunch of broccoli with a little cauliflower and some carrots in it, have a few carrots to eat, and have canned four quarts of green beans. I have eight pints of beans in the canner right now plus probably another eight in the fridge ready to can once I get my rings off of these jars. Oh, we also picked over a gallon of raspberries!

Mike and Aaron went out blueberry picking today but didn't come home with much. They must be about done for the year--maybe one more trip up to the corner and across the street from us will do it...


Sara Ann said...

Hi Shelly -mmm...vegetables! I was wondering if you have a farmer's market where you live?

All in a Day said...

No, we don't really have a farmer's market that I know of. Once in a while you'll see a farmer sitting in a small roadside stand selling potatoes and cabbage and corn. That's about all I see, but I'm not in town during prime times usually.