Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday was my chiropractor's 50th birthday, and his wife hoped people razzed him all day.

So...I made some bone-shaped sugar cookies for him yesterday morning and wrapped them along with this note:
A sweet way to "Bone Up" on a few subjects in your "old" age.

I know he appreciated the gesture because he told me I was the best. :)

I was hoping to take a picture, but I left them down too long. Laura got into them so the time I would have spent taking a picture was spent re-wrapping.

Oh, and I had to put the word "old" in quotations because I'm finding out that age really shrinks as you get older and it's not such a big deal. My Emily commented, "That's OLD!" when I told her he turned 50. (I would have said the same thing 15 years ago...)

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