Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Day

Well, I just tried to post my letter about Flat Stanley, but it would not let me because it had HTML tags. I printed out the pictures and put them into the envelope along with my letter and postcard for Mike's niece. I hope she and her class enjoy the letter and pictures.

I brought the van into town today for an oil change and to get a new battery. While I was waiting for that, I got a few pages in Laura's photo album done. Now I need to get some page protectors for them.

The kids have played several games of Dutch Blitz today. I tried a few, but I'm just not fast enough. They "whomp" me every time.

Melissa was working with the balance today and hopefully something clicked with that. She has the basic idea of counting and adding simple numbers, but I have to get her to be able to go to the next group of ten. One of these days I plan to do a post on my preschool math curriculum. It's on a "to-do" list in my head but will probably have to get onto paper before I follow through. I tend to be quite flighty these days. :)


Anonymous said...

While working with an LD student in second grade I needed to teach the concept of re-grouping to the tens. (carrying)
I used the Lego's. 8+5=. She made a stack of 8 and added the 5. Then made one group of 10 and the other under the ones. I don't know how but it clicked and she understood minus then too.(borrowing)

All in a Day said...

Sorry for the confusion. I meant going from 29 to 30 and 49 to 50 and 89 to 90. :)