Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buns and More Buns

I made the butterhorn rolls yesterday.

Today I decided to try the other rolls. I had lots of "help" from Laura today so some of them look as normal as a bun can, some look like teardrops, and some look like lumps of bread.

I made a batch of rolls earlier this afternoon only to find out I used the wrong recipe. My family thanked me for that because they smelled (and tasted) so good. :)

I got the second batch going and forgot to take it out of the bread machine to let it rise. Here's the result of that...
Mike came out of the room when I was working on the second-to-last pan and tried to take one. I had to tell him, "No!" because I only made four dozen. I did give him one from the earlier batch though. I hope these will work and people will enjoy them.

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