Monday, August 18, 2008


I just got done in Aaron's and Jason's room. They'll have a sink full of dishes to wash and sterilize tomorrow (today) and some things to sort through. Aaron woke as I was dejunking so I had to be more cautious of what I was doing with him watching.

Three of the bins will be sealed in Mike's car at work during tomorrow (today) daytime, and I need to take the garbage out quickly before people start looking through it. The "best" thing I found was the lint from the dryer. I'm not sure what they were using it for, but they sure had a lot in there. It's a case of too much stuff, but they "love" it and their dad seems to think a lot of it is good too. They have tons of stuff in there they pulled in from the shed. Well, enough of my tirade; I'll get those bins out and take the garbage up.

I "cleaned" out my closet earlier tonight only to find out that half of what was in there wasn't even mine but it has no other place to be stored. I think it's time to get rid of more stuff. A bigger house would be nice if anyone has one for me, but that won't solve the problem. :) Good night!


Minkydo said...

But Mommmmmmmm, I need that stuff :)

I could say that I've been there, done that, but I am the packrat and my son tosses everything even if it's able to be donated. *lol*

All in a Day said...

Well, the bins are still out in the car, and they've only asked for one thing--a remote for a car. Maybe they don't need it as much as they think they do. I need to scull out some of my own stuff next.