Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We went and picked raspberries during Tracy's violin lesson today. We got our orange bowl and the little cereal bowls full in about 25 minutes. However, when I went to report our "findings," we got sent out with more containers and were told to pick more. Laura kept dumping the bowls out!


Carrie said...

Oh, those look so very delicious! I miss the huge blackberry bush that were by our old apartments. It made for some yummy pies!

Minkydo said...

Those look yummy!

We have 3 raspberry bushes in our garden. The two we planted this year are producing while the one we've had for 2 hasn't. Hopefully, next year it will with having the other two around.

All in a Day said...

The raspberries were very good. We ate some and I froze several. Good luck with your bushes, Minkydo. We have several wild plants around the yard but no tame ones. I've thought of asking for some from people though.