Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm not sure what happened at the end of last week, but I guess I must have been busy doing something. :) It doesn't look like anything happened in here, but I did some organizing of kids' clothes. A lot of the other organization was in Aaron's and Jason's room. Most of the stuff from their room is in mine right now. I don't know how they acquire so much junk, but they can't part with any of it.

Here are the newest pictures of the garden. Some of the peas grew to about seven feet, fell, and are now climbing the trellis I made again. The corn is not tall at all; only one stalk is over my head, but we can already see where the ears are growing. There are a few peppers out there, and I've still been eating beans and peas. I guess the staggered planting helped with that. They've been good. I pulled the lettuce plants because they were wilting and dried up but left one out there to have with our sandwiches later this week. I had started some peas about a month after the corn to grow around the stalks but don't think they'll get a chance to grow. We've had some cool weather; a couple mornings ago it was 34 here. Today is was 40 and is supposed to get up to 80--strange when you need both the furnace and the air conditioner the same day. :) (Just for the note, I shut the furnace off when it tried to start, and we never did put the air conditioners in this year.)

Over the weekend I finished writing letters to grandparents I had started a couple weeks ago :( and got them out. I'm assuming most of them will arrive tomorrow. At least they made it out late instead of never.

Yesterday we mowed the lawn at the church building. Mike, Aaron, and I each had a mower and were playing tag-team at the very end. Other than that, we just each took our own path around the lawn. There are quite a few branches that need to come down and/or be picked up, but we have no way of cutting or hauling them. I keep asking if we should call someone but never get a straight answer.

Other than that, I don't think much is new. Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

I see one peeking red tomato!
Check with someone with animals.
We put part of the garden in the old part of the horse pen. WOW! The sun flowers are at least15 ft. tall. The corn is tall too but I'm not sure if we will get much as it got in late. The pole beans are amazing. It is a first year for these. They are really good. We but two layers of old wire fence around two old trees and they climbed and climbed. Grandpa thought they would be "Jack In the Bean Stalk" plants. We got zukes too there. The dry dlay garden did not do well at all. Hance, I need the barn cleaned and brought up to the back yard garden.

Krahn Family said...

I thought my kids were the only ones that collected "junk" and clothes piles:) Glad to know I'm not alone!!

Minkydo said...

If you can get some manure, try some compost. We bought some Miracle Grow compost for gardens and it has really made a difference. I plan on adding more next year

Kids are natural born pack-rats it seems :) My son is good for throwing it all in a corner and forgetting about it.

All in a Day said...

I thought about bringing some barn stuff up, but it was way too hot to be dealing with that type of work.

We'll have to try to get more soil for next year's planting and do a better job of it. I have started a compost box which was doing well until we were gone. Some animal got into it and drug stuff around a bit.

Clothes and toys are a never-ending job, I'm learning. When I get things organized and cleaned out, people give us more. At least we're blessed that way!