Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tentative Meal Plans for the Beginning of School

August 18 sloppy joe
19 chicken nuggets
20 pizza
21 spaghetti
22 tacos
23 chili dogs
24 roast
BBQ sandwiches
25 cheesy sloppy joe
grilled cheese and soup
26 chicken gravy over potatoes
27 pizza
28 lasagna
29 chicken sandwiches
30 meatloaf
corn dogs


Krahn Family said...

Can we eat at your house?!! I wish I was as organized as you, Shelly!

All in a Day said...

You're welcome to come over any time. :) Tracy is really enjoying the breakfasts; she mentioned one morning that it was similar to eating at camp. It's nice having things thought out ahead of time.