Saturday, October 13, 2012

September Days

September brought lots of soccer and running around the country as we went to Karlstad and Thief River Falls for games.

The first and second weeks in August we had the pleasure of bringing a couple girls home from practices and to and from games with us as their parents were on a trip and the grandmother doesn't do driving at night.

Mike, Tracy, and some of the kids attended our "Kids Outdoors" day at our sporting goods store, and Aaron won some sort of gun.  I don't remember what type but maybe one of them will post in the comments in case anyone is interested.

We hosted our Jackpine Retreat in the middle of the month and fed everyone a taco dinner Sunday before they left.  Aaron and I did the mowing to get the grounds ready, and our friend from the cities came up and cut and hauled trees that had fallen so people could get in and camp.

I've been teaching piano lessons to three girls along with Emily and Melissa so started those in September.

Our friends are adopting a little one from China so had a rummage sale.  There was SO MUCH STUFF there for sale.  It was overwhelming for me to see it all so though I did help a tiny bit, I had to leave because of that.  It was just too much for me to take in.  I also brought some plates of cookies for the bake sale part of it; I hope they sold!

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