Friday, October 12, 2012

August Days

Tracy went to orchestra camp the second full week in August.

We went to Hayes Lake State Park with some friends for a picnic.  We were supposed to go swimming, but my kids would not touch the water as there was algae.  (We are so spoiled by the chlorinated pools!)

I went to Grand Forks with a friend.  We have continued to do that once a month, which makes for a fun outing for me.

Tracy worked at the outdoor pool a lot.

Tracy and Emily were involved in the National Bible Bee again, and Tracy did well.  A LOT of the kids did really well this year!

We went to the park for a birthday party for four of our little friends where the younger kids had their first opportunity to play "organized" games other than at AWANA.

We went to a friend's house and picked some beans to can.

We went to the corn maze.  I hope this is the correct link!  We bought a family pass this year and have been out there several times.

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