Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piano and Flute Lessons

Jason has continued with the piano lessons he started in June of 2011 after I made him take a break in June and July of 2012.  His break wasn't much of a break though; Tracy and I made him review in his books and learn new pieces and play lots of duets.  He is now in book 3 of the Alfred series, and I am looking forward to hearing some Christmas music soon.  His teacher usually does a Christmas recital and a spring recital.

Emily got a flute and has been plugging away on that.  She seems to enjoy it, but I really don't think she is working to her full potential.  Considering she is only 10, maybe I should give her some grace.  :)


The K. Family said...

Go, Jason! Does Emily take lessons?

All in a Day said...

Yes, she does with Mrs. F. in town. :)