Tuesday, October 9, 2012

School Starts

Tracy went to a Bible camp in Gilbert, MN during the split week of July and August so was able to miss our first day of school.  I bought the video school for Jason this year so decided to start school earlier than normal, in hopes of not losing too many days during soccer season.  There are some excellent teachers on it!  I started with a core segment of classes, and we are on day 42 today so have done quite well, in my opinion  We should be able to finish those four classes earlier in the coming year and will hopefully be able to double up on some of the others as we sit during the cool winter months waiting for spring to arrive.  I only have three of legal school age this year; that is different.

We had our annual soccer meeting that evening and decided to start soccer practices early this year as well.  Some of the "Juniors" were involved in a soccer-based vacation Bible school that first week in August so got a head start on some of the other kids.  The kids have really enjoyed that specific VBS.  The "Seniors" were involved in a hard-core workout that week but came home "pumped" each night.  They also ran a mile each night or practice and have continued to do that each night of practice as far as I know.

Aaron left to go on a camping trip with a group of boys just south of International Falls on August 1.  I have asked him every year since he was 12 if he would like to go, and this year he finally decided to make the plunge.  He enjoyed it but came home with sore arms from a lot of rowing in the canoe.  I, not knowing this, had left him a list of stuff to do when he got home which included "sweeping the ceilings."  I guess that did not feel very well with his sore muscles!!!

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