Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Day's Happenings

Today was one of those wild yet calm days. I did not feel stressed out even though we were busy. Around 10:45 I got the call that my glasses were in so bundled up and went to Baudette after the vehicle was done complaining about the cold. :)

I got my glasses, we went sledding for a few runs (I think Melissa lasted the most at four treks down the hill,) and even stopped at McDonald's for lunch/a treat. I also dropped off our electric bill.

When we got home I did not have much time before Mike got home from work so we quickly did our "2:00 clean-up." Less than an hour after Mike got home, I left with the older three kids, and we stacked wood for a friend for 15 minutes before heading the rest of the way to town where Tracy and Jason went to the pool for swimming. Aaron kept the car warm while I did some errands.

When we got home, I made some chicken nuggets from part of the breasts I got for 99 cents a pound, and just a bit ago I finished pulling the rest of the meat off of the bones (after they had boiled.) I will probably try to make a pizza or some sandwiches with that meat and soup or gravy with the broth.

Now most people are in bed so I should get my teeth brushed after doing a bit of clean up. Have a great day tomorrow!


eliz said...

When chicken went to 99 cents a pound this summer, we bought so much it was silly! LOL! We had been eating pork for over a year because it was 1.19 a pound, I was a little sick of it! :o)
(we are in St. Cloud, but our chicken deals were in Brainerd and Emily had a truck sale!!)

All in a Day said...

That is similar to how I shop. We eat whatever is on sale, and I tend to stock the freezer with it also. Right now I have a FULL freezer of several different things that have been on sale so we have had a variety of foods. Thank you for visiting! :)