Saturday, February 26, 2011

Swimming and Such

Well, it has been a wild and crazy week. Mike was on nights so we decided to hit the pool a couple times. Tracy, Jason, and Emily had swim team practice, and we stayed in town over the supper hour then went to open swimming. Wednesday Tracy and Aaron played floor hockey. Melissa and Laura gave the lifeguards a job on Tuesday, and David gave the lifeguards a job on Wednesday. Melissa had taken Laura and bounced her out too deep, similar to what Emily did to Melissa a couple years ago, and David decided to walk off where there weren't any steps. I have figured that the lifeguards have come to the rescue for all the kids but Tracy and Aaron (at least I cannot think of a time right off.) Tracy and I ordered new swimming suits, which should be coming today by UPS.

I have been full of aches and pains and woes. My throat has been hurting the "strep" type of hurt so I ran in for a culture. The rapid test showed negative, but I can find out after noon today what the culture shows. I cannot imagine what it would be if it is not strep. My hand is also out of place, causing pain when I do even simple things. I keep saying I should just go to the chiropractor but don't. The last time I went in and got it fixed, I put it out the very next day slamming it against the wall trying to keep my rocking chair from falling backwards on me. :)

We have had yummy (and fattening) breakfast foods this week because I have sets of coupons for free eggs along with cheap sausages, hashbrowns, and biscuits. One of our stores ran a series of eight week's worth of coupons for mostly good deals so I took advantage of them.

David turned 15 months on Thursday, and Laura will be 4 years old tomorrow. She got two cards in today's mail plus a package by FedEx.


Travis said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well. Where do you get your swimsuits from?

All in a Day said...

We ordered from also has good deals, I have heard.