Friday, September 17, 2010

This and That

Tonight I am wishing for another refrigerator and freezer for the weekend. My family is growing by three teenage boys, and I have been making food for the Jackpine Retreat.

I still have a bucket of apples in the refrigerator I would like to make into apple crisp, and I would like to make some blueberry muffins for a friend and possibly visit her for a few minutes tomorrow.

I made some refried beans for our taco dinner Sunday and splatted them out of the blender onto the ceiling. I certainly hope nobody gets a piece of my spoon because it is a tiny bit chopped up. ha ha ha (I guess I was not trained well in blending foods.)

Tonight I sent Mike and the older four kids to town for soccer practice and sent them a list of stuff to do afterwards. I was called about an hour later with the sound of, "Are you coming to the meeting?" I TOTALLY forgot about the meeting I was supposed to attend so threw the three little ones into the vehicle and headed to town. That is the fourth trip to town we made today.

David is getting ready to stand on his own and maybe take a step or two. We have caught him standing alone a couple times already.

Aaron and I picked up one of our lawn mowers from being repaired from one of the Jackpine boo-boos, and I about died when I paid for it. The belt was a dollar over the twenty I was expecting, but the labor is what got me. They had to nearly tear the whole thing apart to get the belt on.

After we picked it up, I had Aaron do some mowing at the church building. There was some sort of problem, and the deck is now smashed. He said he could fix it with a pipe wrench though...

Melissa wanted a fire when we got home so I made her a small one. It was not as much fun without the big kids though--she only lasted around two minutes. It was enough to make her happy though. I suppose part of it is that we had no more marshmallows to roast. :)

We have a gentle rain falling. I also have the radio going. I love the "Music Through the Night" programming. new pictures to post.

I will see some of you this weekend. The kids have a soccer game tomorrow afternoon.

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