Saturday, September 25, 2010

Famous Last Words

I gave instructions to each child this afternoon for an outside job. I told the oldest two to "clean out the shed," and this is what I got. I had actually been considering this for a long time but have never been ambitious enough to do it. It sure looks nice!!!

Does anyone want this smoker?

Ahem...did I say it looked nice???

(all the junk they took out) LOL!!!!!

Emily did a great job of cleaning out the sandbox so I took the tiller to it.

Jason was supposed to be picking up stuff from around the yard and putting it by the sandbox, but I don't think he did very well. I will have to go out and point some things out to him. He is, after all, a boy. (Most of this is what Emily took out.)

Laura and Melissa (along with a tiny bit of help from Jason at the end) put the soil from the box garden into a can to save for next year.

I took down the garden area and got most of that tilled. I still have carrots and onions in it, if they produced. Most of what I have pulled out of the garden this year has not been anything worth mentioning. I will see if any of it is picture-worthy. I had been lamenting about not having enough beans to can, but after thinking about it, I have never had enough beans to can from my garden. The beans I canned came from a friend, and she did not get many this year.

David crawled around where the excitement was best at the time. Here is a picture of him earlier today.
Dumbo-dog is barking at the shovel while Jason takes dead bean vines to the woods and Aaron tills the horseshoe pits.


Anna said...

Looks like a very productive day! Now you know exactly what is in the shed :)

Abbi said...

Looks like it was a day of getting things done! We worked on things at home today too but inside things not outside. It was a lovely day however for working outside.

All in a Day said...

Thank you both for commenting. I think I hauled out four big bags of garbage from the shed pile and two from the sandbox pile. There is still one more from the shed, but I have yet to get back out there. Life has been very busy lately, as I am sure you both know and can agree with. :)