Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tracy went to a CTI concert.

Tracy and Aaron went to water balloon volleyball.
Mike and the four older kids went to a soccer practice for the juniors.

We did school work.
Tracy and Aaron had soccer practice.

We did school work.

We did school work.
Mike and the four older kids went to soccer practice while the younger three and I did errands in town and went to the park.

We did school work.
We had a long day because we were supposed to have a soccer game which got canceled.

Mike, Tracy, Aaron, and Emily went to a Kid's Day at our sporting goods store.
In the evening we were invited to a birthday party.
Aaron is now at a Bible study, and Tracy would like to drive to go pick him up.

I did not get letters sent out to the grandparents this week so hopefully some of them will see this. :) We did a lot more, but it is the "little" things I usually write to them about.

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