Sunday, August 1, 2010

Never Home

I made three large calendars for our wall for August, September, and October since the boxes on the regular calendar are so small. I think our June and July were too busy. There were only two days in June we did not go somewhere (and one of those Mike went to work) and none in July. It is no wonder I am frequently filling our gas tanks! :)

Tonight Mike took Tracy and Aaron to youth group and the three girls to the park while Jason, David, and I stayed home. I am supposed to be working on pictures, but Jason is not upholding his end of the deal. I guess I will have to go wash some dishes instead.

Soccer starts this month for our family. I think we are going to have four players this year, and I have not heard if Mike plans to coach or not so we will be busy once again, busier if he does coach.

We start school August 16. I have most things ready for that. Tracy is going to try the video school for chemistry. Anything has to be better than me trying to teach it. :)

I still want to get a family picture, but that is like getting teeth pulled--maybe harder. We have not had one for our wall since long before David was born. We tried once, but nothing turned out. Speaking of teeth, Melissa lost a tooth a couple days ago on the bottom and has one just hanging by threads on the top.

David got a big "knocker" on his forehead. He fell off the bed. I turned my back for three seconds, long enough for Laura to say, "No, David, don't fall off the bed!" and he was down, crying before he hit the floor.

Tomorrow Tracy has a violin lesson, and I will probably take the kids to the outdoor pool in the afternoon. The indoor pool has only been closed for a week, and I sure do miss it.

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