Tuesday, August 3, 2010


(for a few more minutes anyway)

Today I stayed home and did absolutely nothing! :) While that is not exactly true, I did not go anywhere. I even sent Tracy in the big van to put it in its proper parking spot after we started packing it for our trip this weekend. The dog had taken his place in the van as soon as the doors were open and spent most of the day in there. He was thrilled to pieces when Tracy took him for the drive around the yard.

Tomorrow I will be bringing David to the doctor (again) :( for his ears. She (the doctor) had told me not to bring him back unless he developed a fever, but I can tell they are really bugging him. He is constantly rubbing them and seems fussier than normal, and he has never had a fever with any of his other infections. Melissa will also go for a peek at her throat since she hasn't been acting right and says her throat hurts.

This weekend we are heading to Lake Itasca for the Family Music Festival and will also hit the state park so we can get the pictures of Laura and David that all the other kids have had. The stuff we have packed was the "easy" stuff and now get to do the fun food, clothes, and miscellaneous junk that fills up the rest of the space and makes the van dirty.

Mike worked today and will work tomorrow but took Thursday and Friday off. That was a big surprise for me; I never expected that he would do that for Thursday.

I pulled up the radishes in the garden. They were about four feet tall; I do believe they were going to seed. I usually plant the radishes and lettuce together, but I don't think I had much lettuce in my part of the garden. We have to use the girls' garden when we want lettuce. I also threw two onions into our spaghetti tonight and ate two tiny carrots. If I'm lucky, I'll get a handful to grow this year. :)


Anonymous said...

Many wish they could be at home moms as you have so much time to yourself. Ya right. I had a visit from the in-home worker today and get repremanded for NOT taking that time for myself as the family will fall apart if I do not keep myself sane and well. I often enjoyed working as I could "get away" from it all for that few hours. You take care of yourself as Mike and the rest of us need you healthy and well to maintain that home. You are the hub and it won't work without you. Mom and re-mom :-)

All in a Day said...

Oh, I do leave often enough. :) Those days were really wearing on me though, with everything seeming to go wrong.