Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom Strikes Again

I, as the Mom in this story, am getting very tired of striking again. Three strikes equals an out in baseball. Twelve strikes equals a perfect game in bowling. I am somewhere inbetween. I have been sitting at the computer trying to ignore life and crabby children for the past several days. (Poor Tracy has had to deal with it all... Thanks, Tracy.) I just wish I had a job to run away to like Mike does. He leaves earlier and earlier each day, it seems. Today it was 4:20-something when I opened my eyes and he was already gone. When he comes home, he has his computer stuff to do then sits and listens to messages/programming/old movies/whatever.

I had children in to the doctor again today, but I guess I wrote that I was going to yesterday. I think the doctor was starting to respect me a bit after I was in last time (this is the same doctor that told me I was putting my life on the line for having a home birth instead of a C-section last fall and walked out on me,) and today I think that respect was added to even more. I took David in for his ears. Well, he does have that same infection in the ear that she wouldn't give me medication for last time, only worse so she did give me the medication. I wanted to do a strep test for Melissa. Well, she took one look in her throat and didn't even bother with the test. I had to pipe up that I wanted Laura tested because I don't think she ever got better after the last medication. She told me it was my money but did swab her throat and walk out of the room. (I wish I could have known what she was thinking at this point.) However, she came back in saying the rapid test was positive and asked me if there was anything else. :)

We got medication for myself and Emily also though she would not give me liquid for Emily. Here we go for the long haul...when you can't swallow a pill, you chop/grind it up and put it into food, right??? Ha! I pinned her down, all the while listening to her pleas of no, she didn't want to take it, it was yucky, choke, choke, choke, cry, spit, scream, choke, etc. All the people at the pool heard her cries and who knows if people at the park did also. I don't know how they couldn't have! In the end she did win and didn't take it! She managed to spit out every little tiny piece I had chopped up and threw up the rest that I ground into powder and put into some chocolate and peanut butter (along with the rest of the contents of her stomach.)

Back to the doctor's office I went to explain, but I did walk out with liquid for her in the end.

Now to get some laundry done and see if I can clean the bathroom and finish up some laundry...


Abbi said...

Sounds like a challanging day! I hope tomorrow is much better!

All in a Day said...

Thanks, Abbi. The next days were MUCH better. :)