Saturday, July 24, 2010


Our indoor pool is now closed for three weeks for its yearly maintenance. Tonight I took Emily, Melissa, Laura, and David swimming. We met up with some friends. After that, we got a few groceries, picked up our laundry from the laundromat, and picked up Aaron and Jason who had been at a sleepover. We cleaned out the van, which has been a "catch-all" for the past week so I sorted through that a bit ago. I do not normally let it get so dirty, but coming home in the evenings when the mosquitoes are at their worst, I tell the kids to just, "Hurry and run in." I'll have to put the vacuum cleaner to the floor in there one of the mornings next week while Tracy is at her driver's education drive time.

Everyone is now tucked away in various sleeping locations, and I'm doing last-minute things before my birthday tomorrow. :) I have already received two cards and two e-mail greetings. I'm too old to remember how old I will turn for sure, but I think it's 38. I have been officially "ancient" for ten years now! Twenty years ago, 40 seemed SOOOOOOOOOOO old. :)

David was eight months old today, and he celebrated by getting his sixth tooth through. He has been very fussy. Here he is this morning,

and here Laura is feeding him.


Anonymous said...

You need to send your mommy a picture of you in the kitchen sink taking a bath and sleeping tonight :-)

Christy said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a very special day. And 38 isn't old! :) I have to say that because I'm not that far behind you. :)

All in a Day said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting. I have had so many this year from various people; it was special. :)