Monday, September 16, 2013

Camping Trip

Reading around the fire before bed
The view of the lake from our site
Making S'mores
Melissa entering the tower
David and Shelly in the tower

Melissa and Laura debating on jumping out the tower (Just kidding!)

I took off for two nights with the four youngest kids, and we went camping at Lake Bronson State Park.  The water was quite "green-filled" which was not very inviting after our summer of chlorinated pools.  We did swim, however, and we enjoyed the waves the boats made and also were a bit jealous of those getting to ride on tubes dragged behind the boats.  David enjoyed the big boat that was parked by our campsite, and one evening the people were on it doing some work so he stood and watched for the longest time.  The girls got to practice putting up their new tents, pumping the mattresses, and making their campsite.  They had fun biking around, although Laura's training wheels were quite noisy--especially during the morning bathroom run when everyone else was still asleep!

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